Professional Curling Iron Brands

In an attempt to get a professional curling iron, it is highly possible or even probable to merely wind up with an expensive one. I swear by my ceramic Remington myself–I think it does better than many to most curling irons out there even though it isn’t as expensive (and yes I have tried more than I can count…). Anyway let’s take a look at these professional curling iron brands and investigate whether or not they would be worth it.

Sephora has one called the Drybar 3 Day Bender–as typical with Sephora, it is expensive. As of when I wrote this, it is $140. So why would a person want this if a $20-$30 Remington will do the job for most people and is even what my hairstylist recommended to me that she uses herself…

Well it has several temperature settings as well as a guide on which one you want. This is great until if you have treated hair and one of the high settings inadvertently damages your hair.

Next we have a T3 curling iron also from Sephora. This one, as of when this was written, is about $230. This one is just completely not worth the money. The curls will fall out within hours.

If you want a professional curling iron brand, my recommendation would be to ask your hairstylist what they use. The answer just might surprise you.