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Where to Start When You’re Fixing up a Home


Conquering a fixer-upper can be an extremely creative and rewarding experience. One of the best parts of tackling a fixer-upper is you get to craft the house to your specific taste and aesthetic. Ultimately, you are creating your dream home. But, you feel overwhelmed or lost when it comes to initiating the process. So, here are some tips of how you can jump start fixing up a home.

Find the perfect home


Sometimes, people choose to fix-up their current home. But, most of the time people choose to start fresh. There is a big market of low priced homes that have an enormous amount of potential. If you choose to purchase a home, with the intent to fix it up, start by researching various neighborhoods in your area. Evaluate factors such as; past tax bills, insurance information, school districts, and any zoning or building limitations. Websites, like Zillow, makes it easier to find homes on your own. If you have no luck, try searching foreclosures, auctions, and estate sales. In those situations, you can typically find a great deal. Finally, if you truly feel lost and unhopeful in the search for your perfect home, seek advice from a real estate agent. Overall, it’s important to realize that this is one of the most important steps in the process of fixing up a home, and it may take months to find the perfect home.

Hire a good home inspector


Once you find the perfect home, it’s important to evaluate what will need to be done to restore the house, or to make it have the technology and support you want it to. This is where hiring a professional is almost a necessity. Find a phenomenal home inspector, and have them evaluate the house. They will be able to tell you any and every little detail that may give you problems in the future and what needs to be immediately attended to. Learning about these problems first hand will make easier when hiring the proper technicians to fix the problem. Also, finding things that need to be fixed could help you lower the selling price.

Consider the pros and cons

One of the main reasons why people choose to fix-up a home is so they can achieve their dream home at a significantly lower price. But, if there are a lot of problems or alterations that need to be done to a home, the price can come significantly close to if you purchased that home you found was nearly perfect already. This is where it is important to weigh the pros and cons of tackling a fixer-upper. You need to decide if the time, effort, and money will be worth it in the end, or if you should give up one of your dream house requirements and purchase a newer and complete home.

Start with the foundations

Once you purchase a house and you’re ready to start your project, focus on the foundations of the house. In other words, focus on the; electrical, plumbing, heating, and flooring aspects of the house. If you have a basement, ensure that there are no leaks, and that feature leaks can be prevented. Since water runs down, your basement will be the first thing to flood. And whether you want to acknowledge it or not, water can overtake a property, and create a lot of hassles. Also, make sure that there are no animals or critters running around. If there are, implement the proper barriers and measures prior to starting to fix-up your house. Finally, once you’re ready to begin the interior design of your home, start with the flooring. Determine whether you want hardwood, marble, tile, or carpet. When thinking about the flooring, you should consider how much time you plan on spending in the house. If you plan on living there for a very long time, it’s important to choose quality first and aesthetic second.

Research until you feel prepared

Tackling a fixer-upper is a bold and important choice, and like any important life choice, you should research before jumping in. Remember, there’s no such thing as researching too much. So, research about every aspect of fixing up a home until you feel adequately prepared.

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